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Saturday 4 May 2013

Hot Actress Jacqueline Fernandez Profile., Biography and Jacqueline Latest Sexy Images, Wallpapers

Sri Lankan Actress Jacqueline Fernandez Personal Profile

Full Name  :  Jacqueline Fernandez.

Nick Name  :  Jacqueline.

Day of Birth  :  2 June 1985.

Place of Birth :  Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Height  :  5' 7".

Education  :  Completed graduation in Mass Communications in Murrey University in Australia.

Sexy Spot  :  Her Smile and Eyes.

Family  :  Father, Mother, sister and two Brothers.

Debuted Film  :  
Aladin (Hindi).

Hobbies  :  Listening music, Watching Movies, Dancing.

Favorite Colour  :  white.

Favorite Food  :  Indian, Srilankan Dishes.

Favorite Accessory  :  Bracelets & Rings.

Favorite Jewel  :  Diamonds, Platinum gold.

Favorite Movie  :  The bridges of madison county (English).

Favorite place  :  Colombo, Srilanka.

Favorite Music Director  :  A.R Rahman.

Favorite Sport  :  Cricket, Football.

Favorite Cars  :  BMW, Skoda, Mersdes Benz.

Favorite Director  :  Priyadarshan.

Favorite Singer  :  Sherya Ghosal, Asha & Latha Mangeshkar.

Favorite Actor  :  Shahrukh khan.

Favorite Actress  :  Angelina jolie.

Favorite Clothes  :  Jeans and T-Shirts, Sarees.

Languages Known  :  Mother Tounge Simhalam, French, Spanish, Arabic.

For beauty  :  Eats Healthy food and Aerobics.

Dream Role  :  She prefers all roles.

Life Goal  :  To become a Big and Good actress in India.

Profession Or occupation  :  Model and Actress..

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