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Saturday 3 August 2013

Friendship day 2013 SMS, Quotes, Messages Wishes in English

Beautiful saying :

"Life can give us a number of beautiful FRIENDS..


Only TRUE friends can give us a beautiful LIFE....

Happy Friendship Day:

Friendship doesn't occur with special people

but people become special after being friends..

I don't know what I'm to you

but you will always be special for me...

Happy Friendship Day:

A friendship doesn't

Shine by just

Shaking Hands

in the Best of times....


It blossoms by

Holding Hands

Firmly in

Critical times....

Happy Friendship Day:

Thank You for being beside me.

When i needed someone that cared..

And thank you for all your loyalty.

For the times together we shared..

Happy Friendship Day:


They Are WONDERFUL When They Are TRUE..

But Do you Know

They Are A Blessing When They Are Like YOU...

Happy Friendship Day:

If friends were flowers

I would not pick you..

I will let you grow in the

garden and cultivate you

with love and care so

I can keep you as a friend forever..

Happy Friendship Day:

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